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Candies, chocolates and jellies


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The Pietrobon is a company that has been operating since 1968 in the market, working in food industries such as candies and chocolates and also in the plastics division, pipes and hoses.Located in the northern region of Rio Grande do Sul, in the city of Tapejara, and with a branch in the Parana Guarapuava the company today serves the national and international market, with its products sold in more than 20 countries.

Has a group of skilled and dedicated employees always committed to the values ​​and goals of the company. It also has its own fleet of trucks and aggregates in high season. Valuing our customers and provide them with the satisfaction of our services is one of the goals that the company moves. The quest for perfection makes Pietrobon present increasingly qualified in all branches.

The company also works with social and environmental responsibility, seeking new ways aiming at sustainable and future generations.


To be a competitive company that meets and exceeds the requirements of the market, able to ensure the development through active participation of its employees, customers and suppliers, and to participate in national development, environmental conservation and quality of life.


Being a supplier of top quality products for the food industry, and others that you can serve. Meet each customer's unique and targeted way in order to ideal solution for every situation. Increase its share in the domestic market and entering international through constant improvement of its processes and services.


Innovation: Solving, find alternatives, create, be the best. Image in the market and in the Community: Ethics, integrity, respect and value the community and look always be the best. Continuous growth: evolving and modernizing.

Environmental Policy

The environmental policy of Pietrobon company establishes principles for the treatment of the environment. With the implementation and continuous improvement of its environmental policy, Pietrobon contributes to the construction of a national sustainable development project. Our company is committed to continuous improvement to achieve compatibility between its processes, products and the environment as well as reducing the use of natural resources aimed at preserving the environment and the prevention of environmental damage, through enforcement and other applicable environmental standards.


The Pietrobon aims to standardize the high quality of products manufactured at the company also prides itself on customer satisfaction, taking care of the sales and after-sales committed to their customers. Working within the environmental standards, according to the sustainability standards. To provide employees and partners with common goals a smug environment, motivation and commitment. Search continues improvements in all processes developed within the company, aiming to add improvements and well-being to our employees, partners and customers. Keywords:. Quality, satisfaction, commitment and sustainability

Returns Policy and Commodity Exchange

Only the following conditions returns or exchanges of goods will be accepted if observed: 1. Refusal upon delivery of purchase: Why be at odds with the request. The company / person is not aware of purchase. 2. Return of receiving the product fails or manufacturing is in disagreement with the request. 3. Return of goods after receipt: According to manufacturers policy is the product within seven (7) days from receipt of the product, will be replaced after approval by the manufacturer for manufacturing defects, requested the manufacturer directly through our distributor partner (for both the consumer should contact us we will request the necessary data to be transferred to the distributor, after this period of 7 calendar days of receiving the product, the product has the official guarantee. Freight exchange or refund: The cost of shipping and handling of merchandise for exchange or refund must be the responsibility of the sender or agreed between the parties. For this we offer a channel of service to our customers which includes telephone (54) 3344-4000 or email: